Bossy Books

Metafiction is a pretty sophisticated concept, but there are plenty of picture books that play around with the conventions of reading and writing.  The results are usually hilarious, and sometimes thought-provoking. One of my favorite bossy books is The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak.  You need a little courage and a low embarrassment quotient to read it out loud, but kids love it.

book with no pictures

Sometimes the characters in these books boss the author around and make changes to the plot the author did not want.  More Bears! by Ken Nesbitt works this way.

More Bears

Here are other books in which the author (or characters ) don't get exactly what they wanted. (Click on the image to link to the catalog.)

this is my bookchesterbig bunnydragons eat noodlesno bearspanda problem

Some books just don't want to be read, it seems. Do Not Open This Book! by Andy Lee (and the sequel, Definitely Do Not Open This Book) try to get you not to turn those pages--but we know you're going to anyway 'cause the reader's in charge, right?!

do not opendefinitely do not open

Here are other books that warn the reader not to read the book. (as if...)

don't touch this bookwarning do no openi will chomp youplease don't readthis book will not be fun

Even my favorites, Elephant and Piggie, get in on the metafiction action, especially in We Are In A Book!

we are in a book

Just watch what happens when author Mac Barnett and illustrator Adam Rex decide who is most important in creating Chloe and the Lion.



Chloe and the Lion

Posted by TeresaB on April 30, 2021