Escape Room: Riddle Me This

Escape Room: Immersive, Exciting, Experiential ActivityAn escape room is a mystery, puzzle game that normally requires the participants to solve a final puzzle in a set amount of time.  There are a few different ways for a room to be set up, 2 examples are: (1) following clues that allows the participants to find the final solution or (2) searching around the room for hidden artifacts that are needed to accomplish the room’s goal.  Not all escape rooms are set up as an actual escape – sometimes the goal is to do something that saves something or someone else.  No matter the set up and goal whatever is needed to win is provided in the background story of the room.


Conundrum Escape Rooms StorefrontEscape rooms as a puzzle game for a group of people were first introduced in 2003 but became popular in the early 2010s.  While there are many temporarily set up escape rooms that are used in special events, the popularization of the rooms has led to the establishment of permanent escape rooms as businesses.  By November of last year, it was estimated that more than 50,000 escape rooms existed worldwide.  With the spread of COVID-19, those Escape Room businesses have had to temporarily close their doors, but many have moved to a virtual escape room platform.

Sample Escape Room


Here in the library, we love to implement short term escape rooms for patron enjoyment.  In order to continue the fun, here is a virtual escape room for you and your family to solve together.


Background Story: You have been kidnapped by a mysterious being who loves to play tricks.  In order to get back to your own world,  you need to play his game.  Can you do it?

Riddle Me This