Friday the 13th: Mystery in the Library

Over the past few years, we have been celebrating Friday the 13th with a movie or game.  December 13th, we will be hosting our 2nd after hours mystery event.  

        Scroll telling the story of how the body of Tweedledee was found in a forest

                                        Can you solve Tweedledee's murder?


Patrons ages 12 and up are invited to register for this special event from now until December 9th.  Come to the Millhopper Branch to choose your character and then start planning your costume.  Awards will be given to the patrons who solve the mystery, wear the best costume, and best embody their character.  

Participants should arrive between 6:15 and 6:30pm.  The mystery will commence at 6:30 and be over by 9:30 with dinner provided by Leonardo's Pizza of Millhopper.Logo for Leonardo's Pizza

For more information visit the Millhopper Branch.