Zombies Attack!: Breakout Room

Mansion at Night



This is the Magic Mansion, here the world’s elite wizards, illusionists, and magicians work together to put on extravagant dinner shows for those in the know about real magic.  You have been invited to one of these shows.





While visiting, a spell turned an audience volunteer into a ZOMBIE – who quickly began infecting others.





Room with bookshelves full of books and potion bottles surrounded by magical sparklesThe great wizard, Nicolas Flamel, has hidden you away in his panic room and gone to find any other survivors.  He said that the reversal spell is hidden somewhere in the room but his old mentor, Merlin, was very paranoid and so never revealed its location.



merlin's journal with something sticking out



However Merlin did leave behind a journal.




Can you find the instructions, brew, and administer the cure before it’s too late?


Join us for Zombies Attack: Breakout Room Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 2 p.m. at the Millhopper Branch in Meeting Room B.