Over 3,000 new magazine titles now available

Covers of magazines beside the text "3,000 new magazines!"

With over 3,000 titles newly available, Alachua County Library District’s digital magazine collection is blowing up.

Whether you want to get informed or be entertained, digital magazines are the hot ticket right now - easy to check out, covering nearly every topic imaginable, and always available when you want them. That’s right, no waits and no due dates means you can read what you want when you want. Have a favorite magazine you want to keep up with? Check it out, check the box, and get the next issue automatically.

Even better, the library has expanded its available RBdigital magazine offerings from 60 to over 3,000. Yes, 3,000. Ranging from cooking to computers, titles as popular as National Geographic and as individual as Trains, bring you photography pointers, knitting projects, scientific discoveries, guitar techniques, Minecraft tips, current events, tasty recipes, and more. Whatever you love, there’s something here for you. Find it in the library’s new digital magazine collection.

RBdigital Magazines will soon be moving to Overdrive and Libby, but for now you can still access them through the RBDigital page and app.

While there are thousands of magazines to choose from, here are a few favorites. 

Cover of National Geographic Magazine featuring the headline "A world gone viral" and an x-ray of lungs December 01, 2020 issue of Good Housekeeping  November 23, 2020 issue of Us Weekly 

November 01, 2020 issue of Sports Illustrated December 01, 2020 issue of Country Living November 01, 2020 issue of Rolling Stone 

November 01, 2020 issue of Reader's DigestNovember 01, 2020 issue of Vogue October 01, 2020 issue of Wired

Posted by Sabrina on November 5, 2020