Safety Policy

Alachua County Library District Policy Statement

Approved By: Date:
Board of Trustees 7/12/90
Revised 12/14/94
Revised 2/19/97
Revised 4/15/09
Governing Board 8/23/90
Revised 1/12/95
Revised 3/13/97
Revised 4/23/09


The Library District is responsible for providing a safe environment for its employees and the public they serve. To that end, we administer a safety program that:

  1. Insures a safe and healthful environment for each employee and patron.
  2. Provides safety training to improve work habits and practices.
  3. Investigates each incident and identifies measures to prevent recurrence of a similar incident.
  4. Identifies and corrects hazards before they result in accidents.
  5. Raises the safety awareness of each employee.
  6. Minimizes the results of an incident by following set procedures for reporting, obtaining medical treatment and investigating the incident.

The Facility/Safety Services Administrator is responsible for the overall coordination of the Library District safety program.


  1. The District's safety program committees include: the Safety Review Committee, the Management/Union Safety Committee, and the Library Director Safety Committee.
  2. Training and accident investigation are responsibilities of the Department Manager. Each department and branch will hold a monthly safety meeting to discuss safety issues. Minutes will be maintained for each meeting and forwarded to the Facility/Safety Services Administrator for review.
  3. The Safety Review Committee will review all accidents and make recommendations to the Management/Union Safety Committee on whether or not the accident was preventable. The Safety Review Committee will make recommendations to the Management/Union Safety Committee on proposed revisions to safety policies and procedures. The Management/Union Safety Committee’s recommendations are then reviewed by the Library Director.
  4. Employees should report unsafe conditions and not perform unsafe work tasks. Employees must report all accidents, injuries, near misses and unsafe conditions to their supervisors. No such report will result in retaliation or penalty. Management will give top priority to correcting unsafe conditions. Management may discipline an employee who willfully or repeatedly violates workplace safety rules. Disciplinary action may include written reprimands, and may ultimately result in termination of employment.