Scary stories from your library

Illustration of a ghost and the text Thrills and Chills: Find your scary story

Thrilling Films

Satisfy your inner thrillseeker with our collection of more than 1,600 horror films. For the campy to the truly terrifying, the collection has classics, new releases, and foreign films. 

1980s Comedy Horror Movies

If you appreciate '80s music, corny jokes, and dark humor, these films are perfect for you. 

Black Horror Films

This horror film subgenre views terror through the lens of the Black perspective.

Cult Horror Films

Find out why these films have a following. 

Divisive Horror Movies

Love them or hate them, these scary films won't leave you on the fence. 

Giallo Horror Movies

Giallo, the Italian word for yellow, refers to Italian thriller-horror films that blend mystery or detective themes with elements of slasher violence and eroticism. 

Haunted House Movies

Haunted house films are a mixture of supernatural elements, psychological horror, supernatural elements, and the sensation of claustrophobia or dread from the enclosed space. 

Horror Movies by the Decade

Take a walk down macabre memory lane with these horror hits through the years, starting in the 1960s.

Japanese Horror Movies

Japanese style horror films typically focus on the psychological aspects of horror, with an emphasis on suspense and the inclusion of the supernatural.

Mystery Date: Horror Edition

Find your perfect scary movie match from these intriguing profiles. 

Science Fiction/Double Feature

Did you know Rocky Horror Picture Show's opening song name drops 11 B movies? Check out the 8 films available in our collection.  

Zombie Films 

These lesser-known zombie films will still give you goosebumps. 

Chilling Reads

Scary stories take many shapes, from vintage horror stories to modern true crime sagas. 

Forensic Science 

Find out how this field has solved cases and transformed criminal law over the decades. 

Fright-Free Halloween Reads for Little Ones

Embrace the lighter side of the spooky season for little ones. 

Horror Graphic Novels

What’s spookier than a ghost story? One that also has pictures to haunt your dreams.

Legendary Frights

Explore urban legends, supernatural creatures, and ghosts in the books for teens. 

Monster Picture Books

Meet a few cute monsters that go bump in the night. 

Merchants of Menace: Librarians Review Mystery/Thrillers

Overwhelmed by the selection of thriller mysteries? Two librarians teamed up to review and suggest some of our latest horror-thriller-mysteries to get your pulse racing.

Spooky Reads for Tweens

The perfect amount of fright for tween readers. 

Spooky Stories for Adult Learners

Expand your listening and imagination skills with these scary audiobook stories.

"The Tell-Tale Heart"

Edgar Allen Poe's frightening short story has stood the terror test of time. 

Terrifying Audiobooks

Listen to these bone-chilling books, if you dare. 

"Turn of the Screw"

Return to the classic Henry James novel and check out a few other books that will quicken your breath. 

Frightful Fun and Games

Scary Tabletop Games

Gamers beware, these games are good for scary any time of year. 

Suprise monster drawing

Make a silly or scary suprise monster with this easy drawing tutorial.