Conquer boredom with eBooks

These days, many of us are spending more time at home. Why not spend that time learning something new or starting a new project in a hobby you already love? Our eBook collection includes cookbooks, crafting guides, home organization tips, and much more.

Check out these titles and the full list curated just for you by our librarians:

Photo of the book cover for Dot Journaling

Dot Journaling: A Practical Guide: How to Start and Keep the Planner, To-Do List, and Diary That'll Actually Help You Get Your Life Together / Rachel Wilkerson Miller

A dot journal is planner, to-do list, and diary for every aspect of your life: work, home, relationships, hobbies, everything. Early adopter Rachel Wilkerson Miller explains how to make a dot journal work for you - whether you find the picture-perfect examples on Pinterest inspiring or, well, intimidating. You decide how simple or elaborate your journal will be, and what goes in there.

Photo of the cover of the "Vegetables Illustrated" with photos of meals full of veggies

Vegetables Illustrated: An Inspiring Guide with 700+ Kitchen-Tested Recipes / America's Test Kitchen

We're all looking for interesting, achievable ways to enjoy vegetables more often. This must-have addition to your cookbook shelf has more than 700 kitchen-tested recipes that hit that mark. Every chapter, from Artichokes to Zucchini, includes shopping, storage, seasonality, and prep pointers and techniques, including hundreds of step-by-step photographs and illustrations, gorgeous watercolor illustrations, and full-color recipe photography.

Photo of a book cover of "The Home Edit" showing an organized pantry.

The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals / Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin

There's decorating, and then there's organizing. From the Instagram-sensation home experts (with a serious fan club that includes Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Mindy Kaling), here is an accessible, room-by-room guide to establishing new order in your home.
From the home organizers who made their orderly eye candy the method that everyone swears by comes Joanna and Clea's signature approach to decluttering. The Home Edit walks you through paring down your belongings in every room, arranging them in a stunning and easy-to-find way, and maintaining the system so you don't need another do-over in six months. 

Photo of the cover of the book "So Pretty Crochet" featuring a woman wearing a crocheted hat.

So Pretty! Crochet: Inspiration and Instructions for 24 Stylish Projects / Amy Palanjian

Editor and craft expert Amy Palanjian presents twenty-four irresistible projects from craft stars around the world. You'll find patterns for delicate necklaces, a soft and cozy hat and gloves, chic headbands, a darling garland, sweet nesting bowls, and much more. With detailed instructions, helpful charts, crafty anecdotes, and stunning color photographs showcasing the oh-so-pretty projects, this vibrant collection elevates the classic craft of crochet and makes it perfectly stylish for today.

Photo of the cover of the book "The Nesting Place" showing an armchair and side table

The Nesting Place: It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful / Myquillyn Smith

Myquillyn Smith is all about embracing reality—especially when it comes to decorating a home bursting with boys, pets, and all the unpredictable messes of life. In The Nesting Place, Myquillyn shares the secrets of decorating for real people—and it has nothing to do with creating a flawless look to wow your guests. It has everything to do with embracing the natural imperfection and chaos of daily living.

Cover of the book "One Zentangle a Day" showing hand drawn swirling illustrations

One Zentangle a Day: A 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Fun / Beckah Krahula

This beautiful interactive book teaching the principles of Zentangles as well as offering fun, related drawing exercises. Zentangles are a concept started by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas as a way to practice focus and meditation through drawing, by using repetitive lines, marks, circles, and shapes. Each mark is called a "tangle," and you combine various tangles into patterns to create "tiles" or small square drawings. 

Cover of the book "Simply Calligraphy" featuring the book title in fancy script.

Simply Calligraphy: A Beginner's Guide to Elegant Lettering / Judy Detrick

With quick and easy instruction from calligraphy teacher and designer Judy Detrick, Simply Calligraphy will have you whipping up elegant invitations, pleasing place cards, and personalized thank-you notes in no time.
Includes practice exercises, advice on tools and materials, and project ideas for place cards, invitations, and more.

Cover of the book "1, 2, 3 Sew" showing photos of sewing projects.

1, 2, 3 Sew: Build Your Skills with 33 Simple Sewing Projects / Ellen Luckett Baker and Laura Malek

Craft blogger Ellen Luckett Baker offers a wholly unique approach to sewing: she presents projects in groups of three, each building on the techniques used in the project before. Baker shows, for example, how to sew a glasses case, then build on those skills to create a zippered pouch, and from there, make a more advanced cosmetics bag. This very special ebook includes easy-to-follow instructions, how-to illustrations, and instructions for how to print the patterns, making it an essential resource for beginning and intermediate sewers alike.

Cover of the book "Soap Crafting" showing a photo of colorful bars of soap.

Soap Crafting: Step-by-Step Techniques for Making 31 Unique Cold-Process Soaps / Anne-Marie Faiola

 This introduction to the art of soapmaking makes it simple to master the techniques you need to safely and easily produce your own enticingly fragrant soaps. Learn how to use milk jugs and yogurt containers for molds, and how coffee, avocado, and even beer can add unique dimensions to your creations. 

Cover of the book "Naomiki Sato's Origami Roses" showing photos of paper roses.

    Naomiki Sato's Origami Roses: Create Lifelike Roses and Other Blossoms / Naomiki Sato.

    This stunning book presents detailed instructions for eleven elegant and lifelike paper flower projects that will enhance any home or occasion. Paper flower expert Naomiki Sato starts by showing you how to fold seven types of paper roses using a variety of techniques for four- and five-sided blossoms, along with their stems, thorns and leaves, and how to assemble them.

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