Science - Learning at home with your Library!

An image with a blue cloth bag that says Alachua County Library District, a head-to-toe human body kit, a book on Dora the Explorer going to the doctor and dentist, and a book about Curious George going to the doctorThe Library District's STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) kits encourage scientific discovery. Each kit includes hands-on exploration of an interactive toy, book, and DVD. The interactive toys include hands-on activities, learning games, or age appropriate scientific equipment.

STEM Kits are available for check out starting Monday, Aug. 16. 

STEM topics can be intimidating for families with less experience. The kits enhance all children's natural gifts in science by inspiring exploration. Using STEM concepts in play builds confidence, motivation, and knowledge in all science subjects.

Our kits are a great resource for children in pre-school through 5th grade. The kits can also be an excellent support to homeschool or virtual learning. This collection is available thanks to the generous support of the Rotary Club of Gainesville. View the complete collection below or in our catalog.

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Check Out Instructions


Users must have a library card to checkout STEM kits. If you do not have a card, view information on how to get a card. To view STEM Kits inside your library, ask library staff. STEM Kits are checked-out under the following agreements:

  • Check out for 14 days.
  • 1 STEM Kit per card.
  • Return all of the contents in the kit together.
  • Return item inside branch to staff at desk.


AstronomyThis kit includes a home planetarium interactive, a visual space encyclopedia for kids, a Magic School Bus film and a guide for ages 8+.


ElectricityThis kit includes a circuit maze brain game, a book about Nikola Tesla, a movie on electricity and Disney Imagineering, and a guide for ages 8+.


HealthThis kit includes a Science Kit head-to-toe human body, a book on Dora going to the doctor, a movie about Curious George at the doctor, and a guide for ages 5+.


MeasuringThis kit includes measuring tool, a book on measurements, a movie on kindergarten common core math, and a guide for all ages.


dueling rocketsThis kit includes dueling stomp rockets, a book on rockets, a Disney Imagineering film on the laws of motion, and a guide for ages 6+.

Birding Adventures

Birding adventuresThis kit includes binoculars, a book on how to find birds, Bill Nye the Science Guy’s birds film, and a guide for ages 3+.

Engineering for Earthquakes

Engineering for EarthquakesThis kit includes a toy earthquake lab, book on green building tech, Bill Nye the Science Guy’s earthquakes film, and guide for ages 8+.

Human Body

Human BodyThis kit includes an educational squishy human body, a book on body cross-sections, a movie about the human body, and a guide for ages 8+.

Microscopic Discoveries

Microscopic DiscoveriesThis kit includes a microscope, a book on Antony Von Leeuwenhoek, a movie about microscopic organisms, and a guide for ages 8+.

Simple Machines

Simple MachinesThis kit includes K’nex building toys, a book about simple machines, a movie on simple machines for kids, and a guide for ages 8+.

Electrical Circuits

Electrical CircuitsThis kit includes an interactive snap circuit, a book about electronics, Bill Nye the Science Guy’s electricity film, and a guide for ages 8+.


GeometryThis kit includes interactive MagSnaps, a book about complex shapes, a movie about common core kindergarten math, and a guide for ages 3+.


InventionsThis kit includes a MakeyMakey computer key toy, a Bill Nye the Science Guy inventions film, and a guide for ages 8+.


PhysicsThis kit includes Wacky Wheels STEM challenge, a book about force, a movie on gravity by Disney Imagineering, and a guide for ages 5+.


SoundThis kit includes set of 8 palm pipes and a thunder tube, an informational book about sound, a movie about sound, and a guide for ages 5+.