Fashion a feeder for our feathered friends

bird on a fence seed and pinecones

     Birds are everywhere, so why not try to get them in your yard where you can see them!  Living in Florida we have the best weather year round to be able to view our feathered friends.  During the winter season we have even more beautiful birds that migrate to escape the cold weather.  Our climate helps them, so it is only fitting that we help them out even more.  We can do this by supplying them with some nourishment.  The easiest way to help feed birds is to put out bird seed for them.  There are different types of bird feeders you can make to place the seed in.  We have books available for checkout that go over different ways of fashioning a feeder.  There are some common foods you might think are okay for birds to eat, but are not always good for them or beneficial.  Some of these foods include but are not limited to: avocado, bread, chocolate, fruit pits or apple seeds, garlic, honey and onion.  You can research what foods are good for them by checking out books about birds.  You can also browse our catalog or different eSources to get this information.  For other crafting ideas you can log in to the eSource Creativebug, available for free to library card holders.  The possibilities are endless when you have your library card. 

Below is a list of supplies you will need to make your very own, simple pinecone bird feeder:

1 - Piece of string, twine, or yarn

1 - Pinecone (or more if you like, you can use different sizes)

1.5 cups - Bird seed

1 - Bowl (large) or plate

¼ cup - Peanut butter (or as much as you want)

You can spread on the peanut butter with a craft stick, spoon or other utensil.

     First you will want to cut a length of string. You will tie one end to the pinecone and have enough string left over so it can hang from a tree branch, making sure it dangles free from other branches. You can measure the string in the area you will be hanging it.  Next you will pour your bird seed into a large bowl or on a plate; this is done to create a lot of surface area.  You will want a thick layer of seed so it can fill in the different areas on the pinecone.  Now that your seed is ready, you will take peanut butter and spread it onto the pinecone.  If you have a craft stick or other utensil you can use this to get into the openings on the pinecone and apply a layer of peanut butter. Once your pinecone is slathered with the peanut butter you will roll it around in the bird seed. You should now have a pinecone filled with bird seed that will be fantastic for our feathered friends.  All that is left to do is hang it up and watch the birds. This should bring all the birds to your yard where they will have a feeding frenzy!  

Hope you have fun with this craft idea. See pictures below.

picture of string pinecone peanut butter birdseed

birds on branches eating seed out of pinecone

Posted by JoyceN on May 31, 2021