March is Color Therapy Month

When someone mentions the month of March the first thing I think of is a rainbow. The next things that come to mind are the colors green and gold. So it is no wonder that March has been determined as National Color Therapy Month. Color is something that can literally brighten someone’s day.  According to UXL Encyclopedia of Science: "Color is the way the brain interprets different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation as perceived by the eyes. That is a fancy way of saying that color is the way the brain sees visible light."  When color is described in this manner it makes it understandable that color is energy.

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is the use of color energy to help provide health and wellbeing by balancing the energies in the body.  Color therapy has been around since ancient times. There is evidence of color therapy in Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, China, India and the Middle East.  This is an alternative or holistic type of medicine where a therapist can treat a person by using color as a tool. When the appropriate color is applied, the energy in the body can be changed. The change is usually done by stimulating or balancing the energy in the body. This has a therapeutic effect on a person’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.

The thought of having to pick out a color to paint an object or a room can be something that takes lots of time and consideration.  This is because color is such an important element in the lives of many.  Just being surrounded by a certain color can change the effect it has on you.  Your everyday life color choices are a simple form of color therapy. You can experiment with color and see how it can help you change your life. Some of the books listed below have information on color and some history behind them. We also have books available as downloadable ebooks on the esource O'Reillydealing with color and color therapy. There are many other free eSources available, where you can research a multitude of topics. If you are interested in experimenting with color in a crafty way, you can click on this link for Creativebug and it will take you to their website. All you need to do is enter your library card number and you can discover all they have to offer.  You can be a very colorful explorer with limitless research available to you with your library card.


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Posted by JoyceN on March 6, 2021