November Teen/Tween Book Club Title

Clap When You Land cover image

For November, I am so very excited to announce a book that absolutely blew my mind when I read it. Book Club had read The Poet X and really liked it (I cried at the end) so I was definitely down to pick up another Acevedo book, and Clap When You Land was getting rave reviews. I was not ready for this book though. It is so beautifully written, and gives you this intimate look at these two fascinating girls with completely opposite lives. It is written in verse, so while it might not take a super long time to read, it is packed with emotion and intense situations. Camino lives with her aunt in the Dominican Republic and Yahaira lives in New York with her mother. They live happy, if complicated lives, and are completely unaware that they have a sister until a fatal plane crash turns their worlds upside down, and they have to make difficult decisions to survive and do what's right for themselves and each other. Enjoy! And don't forget to log into book club and tell me what you think!