Springtime Sparkle

The teen team at Millhopper loves to craft so what better way to celebrate National Craft Month this March than by crafting together. We also feel that everything is better with glitter so why not turn drab to fab by adding some sparkle to empty glass or plastic jars and transforming them into sparkly holders for all of your treasures. There are a few different glitter and adhesive options out there for you to choose from. In our video, Jessica will demonstrate one example of how to apply glitter to a container. For a more thorough explanation and visual representation of the various glitter and adhesive options, we recommend watching the Glitter 101 video on Creativebug. You can access that video by selecting Creativebug from our eSources and then entering your library card number to unlock tons of videos.

sparkle jar with tape purple sparkle jar sparkle jars filled with treasures

Your container can also become a hanging planter with a few supplies and macramé skills. If you are searching for a macramé tutorial, you can view a few different videos through Creativebug as well. While you are there, you can browse other videos to inspire your next craft. 

There are books about jar crafts and all sorts of crafting available in our library collection. The eSource Gale in Context is also a great source for crafting ideas.

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Springtime Sparkle

Posted by ElaineN on March 23, 2021