Superheroine Graphic Novels

Despite their reputation, superhero stories aren't just for guys. Throughout the century-long history of comics, superpowered women (and girls) have thwarted the villains, taken the glory, and saved the day, too. Their representation has evolved from the hypersexualized, (comparatively) passive women of the '30s and '40s to the diverse range of personalities and representative identities of today. Sometimes they have superpowers and sometimes they are unpowered individuals just trying to make a difference. Many times, they appeared as anti-heroines, either on a path to or from redemption. However they whave been portrayed, female superheroes are important to the history and evolution of the art form. Check out some superheroines from our library catalog today!

Superheroines With Super Powers:

  • book cover of Wonder Woman Volume 1Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, vol. 1 written by Gail Simone and illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver. Things kick things off when Oracle calls for help after the entire Bat-Family gets sidelined. But when Wonder Woman steps into the breach, Gotham City's criminals get the surprise of their lives! Then, Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs take Diana to school, where she meets her biggest fan! 



  • book cover of Supergirl vol. 1Supergirl, vol. 1: The Last Daughter of Krypton. written by Michael Green and illustrated by Mike Johnson and Mahmud Asrar. Meet Supergirl. She's got the unpredictable behavior of a teenager, the same powers as Superman - and none of his affection for the people of Earth. Crash landing on a strange new planet, Supergirl must come to grips with Krypton's destruction with her cousin Superman and learn about her own recent past. But an ingenious new foe wants that same information - and will do anything to get it.



  • book cover of Captain Marvel graphic novelCaptain Marvel, vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More. Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and illustrated by David Lopez and Lee Loughridge. Captain Marvel, Earth's Mightiest Hero with an attitude to match, is launching headfirst into an all-new adventure! As Carol Danvers comes to a crossroads with a new life and new romance, she makes a dramatic decision that will alter the course of her life-- and the entire Marvel Universe. But as Carol takes on a mission to return an alien girl to her homeworld, she lands in the middle of an uprising against the Galactic Alliance and the Spartax! Investigating the forced resettlement of Rocket Girl's people, Carol discovers she has a history with the man behind the plot. But when the bad guy tries to blackmail [her] and turn the Avengers against her, it's payback time!


  • book cover of Ms. Marvel Volume 1Ms. Marvel, vol. 1: No Normal. Written by Willow Wilson and illustrated by Adrian Alphona. Kamala Khan is an ordinary girl from Jersey City - until she's suddenly empowered with extraordinary gifts. But who truly is the new Ms. Marvel? Teenager? Muslim? Inhuman? Find out as she takes the Marvel Universe by storm! When Kamala discovers the dangers of her newfound powers, she unlocks a secret behind them, as well. Is Kamala ready to wield these immense new gifts? Or will the weight of the legacy before her be too much to bear? Kamala has no idea, either. But she's comin' for you, New York!



    • book cover image for the unbeatable squirrel girl squirrel powerThe Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, vol. 1: Squirrel Power. Written by Ryan North and illustrated by Erica Henderson. Wolverine, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Thanos: There's one hero that's beaten them all-and now she's got her own ongoing series! (Not that she's bragging.) That's right, you asked for it, you got it, it's Squirrel Girl! (She's also starting college this semester.) It's the start of a brand-new set of adventures starring the nuttiest and most upbeat super hero in the world!



    • book cover of She-HulkShe-Hulk, vol. 1: Law and Disorder. Written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Javier Pulido and Ronald Wimberly. Jennifer Walters is...the She-Hulk! A stalwart member of the Avengers and the FF, she's also a killer attorney with a pile of degrees and professional respect. But juggling cases and kicking bad guy butt is a little more complicated than she anticipated. With a new practice, a new paralegal and a mounting number of super villains she's racking up as personal enemies, She- Hulk might have bitten off more than she can chew! When Kristoff Vernard, the son of Victor von Doom seeks extradition, it's an international jailbreak, She-Hulk style! And She-Hulk and Hellcat must uncover the secrets of the Blue File - a conspiracy that touches the entire Marvel Universe! Someone important to She-Hulk is killed, and she won't let it stand...but who can she trust? She-Hulk takes on her most terrifying role yet: defendant!
      • book cover for X-23 family albumX-23, vol 1: Family Album. Written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Juann Cabal and Marcio Fiorito. Cloned from a warrior, raised as a killer, Laura Kinney has gone through hell and come out the other side a hero. Now, after a stint following in her "father's" footsteps as the All-New Wolverine, Laura returns to her roots to make sure no one else ever has to go through the horrors she did! With her sister Gabby and their pet wolverine, Jonathan, in tow, Laura forges her own destiny as X-23! But when Gabby becomes a target, all bets are off . As the stakes grow ever higher - and the consequences more dire - Laura must take on the psychic super-threat of the Cuckoos!


      • book cover for LivewireLivewire, vol. 1: Fugitive. Written by Vita Ayala. Illustrated by Raul Allen and Patricia Martin. Accomplice. Mentor. Savior. And now, Enemy of the State. Seeking to protect other vulnerable super-powered psiots like herself, Livewire plunged the United States into a nationwide blackout with her technopathic abilities, causing untold devastation. After choosing the few over the many, she must now outrun the government she served - and those she once called allies. With the whole world hunting her, what kind of hero will Livewire be...or will she be one at all?


      • book cover for Red Sonja

      Red Sonja, vol. 1: Queen of plagues. Written by Gail Simone and illustrated by Walter Geovani. Red Sonja, the She-Devil with a Sword, intends to pay back a blood debt owed to the one man who has gained her respect...even if it means leading a doomed army to their certain deaths! Who is Dark Annisia, and how has this fearsome warrior accomplished what no god nor demon has been able to do: force Sonja to her knees in surrender?



      • book cover for Mighty Thor Thunder in her veinsThe Mighty Thor, vol. 1: Thunder in her Veins. Written by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman. Illustrated by Matthew Wilson. When Dr. Jane Foster lifts the mystic hammer Mjolnir, she is transformed into the Goddess of Thunder, the Mighty Thor! Her enemies are many, as Asgard descends further into chaos and unrest threatens to spread throughout the Ten Realms. Yet her greatest battle is against a far more personal foe: the cancer that is killing her mortal form. When Loki steps back into Thor's life, will it ease her troubles or only add to her pain? It's time to find out whether the next chapter in the twisting tale of the Trickster will be one of good or evil! There's no such question about Malekith, though, as he and his Dark Council continue to fan the flames of a looming War of Realms! Jason Aaron continues his startling saga of the mighty Thor!


      • book cover of ValkyrieValkyrie Jane Foster, vol. 1: The Sacred and the Profane written by Al Ewing and Jason Aaron illustrated by Cafu. Jane Foster is back! For years, you knew her as Dr. Jane Foster, one of Thor Odinson's most steadfast companions. Then you knew her as Thor, Goddess of Thunder, who took up the mantle when nobody else was worthy. Now Jane takes on a new role as Valkyrie, guide and ferrywoman to the dead! But her days of battle are far from over -- especially when Marvel's deadliest shot gets his hands on the sword of a god! With the Asgardian weapon Dragonfang in his hand, who is Bullseye targeting -- and what is he really after? Jane must learn a hard lesson: Not every death can be prevented. And when a friend falls, Jane discovers that Valhalla is only one hall of the dead. The multiversal afterlife awaits!



      • book cover for Jessica Jones UncagedJessica Jones, vol 1: Uncaged! Written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Michael Gaydos. From her original adults-only comic to her Netflix show, Jessica Jones has proven herself Marvel's most compelling second-tier character. A traumatized former superhero turned private investigator whose penchant for ornery, self-destructive behavior is matched by courage, empathy, and street-smart know-how makes her impossible not to root for. The new series, launched with Marvel's Netflix properties very much in mind, reunites the original creators and brings Jessica up against the case of a missing husband who hasn't disappeared, a kidnapper with a grudge against superheroes, and her own superpowered husband, Luke Cage, from whom she has shockingly hidden their baby.


      • book cover for Spider-Gwen Volume One Greater PowerSpider-Gwen, vol. 1: Greater Power. Written by Jason Latour and illustrated by Robbi Rodriguez. The Spider-woman of Earth-65 was convinced that the Lizard's threat died in her arms along with Peter Parker. But a new reptilian rampage leaves her with doubts not only about Peter's life, but also his death. While her father, Captain George Stacy, struggles with Gwen's double life, troubles mount as the Osborns make their debut--and Gwen finds herself on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most-wanted list! Perhaps some wise lessons about power and responsibility that might come in handy when Gwen battles the Goblins! Plus: discover who wields the shield as Earth-65's Captain America joins the fray--but will she be on Gwen's side?



      • book cover for Spider WomanSpider-Women. Written by Dennis Hopeless, Jason Latour and Robbie Thompson. New mother Jessica Drew is taking a mentor role with Silk and Spider-Gwen, and the trio enjoys a brunch break on Gwen's Earth-65. But when the nefarious spy organization S.I.L.K. and its leader -- a certain Cindy Moon -- notice the interdimensional interlopers, everything goes wrong! Can the arachnid adventurers find a way home, or will they be trapped in a world they never made?



      Superheroines Without Supernatural Powers--they depend on their skills and their brains

      • book cover for Black Widow the Finely Woven ThreadBlack Widow, vol 1: The Finely Woven Thread. Written by Nathan Edmondson and illustrated by Phil Noto. Natasha Romanov, the Black Widow, is on a mission to atone for her past as a KGB assassin. Her methods are dirty, her heart is cold, but her work is flawless. On an undercover assignment in Russia, she finds that the Hand of God is reaching for her - and it's as merciless as its name. Outmatched by the brute force of this powerful new villain, Natasha discovers a deadly globe-spanning plot. It's a race against time, and the Widow has nowhere to turn for answers. The trail of blood and destruction will test her strength and cunning - but it also may test her faith.


      book cover of Batgirl Darkest Reflection



      • Batgirl, vol. 1: The Darkest Reflection. Written by Gail Simone. Mirror, the nightmare-inducing brute, is destroying the lives of Gotham City citizens seemingly at random. A new chapter in the riveting adventures of "Batgirl" continue in stunning fashion. Batgirl works in Gotham City, is allies with Batman and Robin and many other vigilantes of the night.



      • book cover for hawkeye anchor pointsHawkeye, vol. 1: Anchor Points. Writen by Kelly Thompson. Remember Hawkeye? No, not that Hawkeye - your favorite Hawkeye, the former Young Avenger, the butt-kicking hero who had to save that other Hawkguy all the time and basically keep his life in some semblance of order. Yup, you know her, it's the dazzling Kate Bishop - making her solo comics debut! Kate is heading back out west and returning to Los Angeles, with her bow and arrow and P.I. badge in tow. There are crimes to solve and she's the best archer to handle 'em! The City of Angels has a new guardian angel. This is Kate Bishop like you've never seen her before, in a brand-new saga that really hits the mark!


      book cover for Shuri The Search For Black Panther

      • Shuri, vol. 1: The Search for Black Panther. Written by Nnedi Okorafor and illustrated by Leonardo Romero. The Black Panther has disappeared, lost on a mission in space. And in his absence, everyone's looking at the next in line for the throne. But Shuri is happiest in a lab, surrounded by gadgets of her own creation. She'd rather be testing gauntlets than throwing them. But a nation without a leader is a vulnerable one - and Shuri may have to choose between Wakanda's welfare and her own


      • Book cover for Black CanaryBlack Canary, vol. 1: Kicking and Screaming. Written by Brenden Fletcher. Dinah Lance hits the road! After years as a soldier and vigilante, the last place Dinah saw herself is on stage ... but she's quickly learning she'd die to protect the gang of misfits she's fallen into. And she just might have to--for some reason, the newly rechristened band Black Canary seems to be a magnet for trouble ... and Dinah's not gonna believe it when she finds out the reason why! From the pages of BATGIRL, Martial arts, super-spies, and rock 'n' roll combine here in the superheroine's solo series BLACK CANARY VOL. 1.


      • book cover for IronheartIronheart, vol. 1: Those With Courage. Written by Eve L. Ewing. Ilustrated by Luciano Vecchio and Kevin Libranda. Riri Williams, the armored hero called Ironheart who took the comics world by storm, takes center stage! When a group of world leaders is held hostage by one of Spider-Man's old foes, Riri must step up her game. But she's thrown for a loop when an old acquaintance from back in Chicago re-enters her life! Now, Ironheart is caught between her need for independence and her obligations at M.I.T. - and when an old friend is kidnapped, she needs to make some tough decisions! Luckily, Riri has a will of steel, a heart of iron...and a brand-new A.I. system on her side! CHAMPIONS artist Kevin Libranda joins award-winning poet Eve L. Ewing, as Ironheart steps boldly out of Tony Stark's shadow to forge her own future!


      • book cover for birds of prey end run Birds of Prey: End Run. Written by Gail Simone and illustrated by Ed Benes. When people need help, they call super-heroes. When super-heroes need help, they call the Birds of Prey. Or, at least they used to. Oracle and teammates Black Canary, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk have all parted ways. But soon the Birds of Prey will once more called upon to help heroes in need this time, the ones in danger are the Birds themselves. Someone has uncovered all of the Birds' secrets, and innocents will be killed unless the Birds reunite to face off against the world's deadliest martial artist. But Oracle has a few tricks up her sleeve as well, including avatar of war Hawk and his peaceful partner Dove. Can these wild cards tip the scale in the Birds' favor against an enemy who knows everything about them?


      Superheroines Who Walk The Line--they're sometimes bad and sometimes good


      • book cover for Wolverine Get Mystique

      Wolverine: Get Mystique. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Ron Garney. Wolverine sets out to Baghdad and Afghanistan on a mission of vengeance to hunt down Mystique, as their history together becomes clear. Mystique is a shapeshifter who can appear as any body with perfect precision. Typically portrayed as a foe of the X-Men, Mystique has been a supervillain and a hero, always advocating for the rights of mutants.



      book cover for Catwoman volume one the game


      • Catwoman, vol. 1: The Game. Written by Judd Winick and Guillem March. Meet Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman. She's addicted to the night. Addicted to shiny objects. Addicted to Batman. Most of all, Catwoman is addicted to danger. She can't help herself, and the truth is, she doesn't want to. She's good at being bad, and very bad at being good.



      • book cover for House of M 

      House of M. (a Scarlet Witch story). Written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Olivier Coipel. The Avengers and the X-Men have been called together to decide the final fate of the Scarlet Witch, whose reality-altering mutant powers threaten the fabric of the Marvel Universe. As the heroes argue for the life of their former teammate, a wave of white light engulfs them all. In just an instant, the entire Marvel Universe is changed forever!


      These volumes are just the beginning...there's such a wide spectrum of superheroines and the ones listed are only the first volumes in their series! I'd encourage you to check some out today.


      Book summaries adapted from publisher notes.