Tabletop Gaming: How to Create a D&D Character with Danie

Hail and Well Met, my friends!

Looking to start on a Dungeons and Dragons adventure but are a little unsure of how to play or where to start?

Join us February 10th where your host and local monster hunter Danie is going to go over the basics of creating a character.


If you want to get a bit of a headstart, you can go ahead and check off this short list:

  • Pick your race – This is what your character was born as, whether it is an elf, a human, a half-orc, dwarf, gnome, halfling, and so on!
  • Pick your class – this is what your character does for a living. Like are they a fighter who jumps into the center of the brawl? Or are they a wizard casting spells from a distance? Maybe they’re a rogue, sneaking in and stealing all the treasure without being seen?
  • Pick your character’s name
  • Download and print this character sheet so you have fill it out as we go along

Remember you can always browse our selection of Dungeons and Dragons books to get a good feel for your adventure!

We’ll see you on February 10th at 3:30 pm – safe travels until then!


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Posted by DanieE on February 3, 2021