I Scream, You Scream

It's July, the height of summer. Maybe you're reveling in summer activities - like eating ice cream (it's National Ice Cream Month after all). Maybe you're hiding inside in the AC and waiting for Halloween to come. Why not do both? Celebrate Halloween early with these horror characters! Watch their movies, read their books, and eat their favorite ice cream while you're at it! (Note: I am not officially sponsoring any particular brand or company, I just went with what fits).

King Kong and banana splitThe Good - These are either the heroes in the story, or characters who were the victims of circumstance.

Eleven - if you've watched Stranger Things, you know El is all about those Eggos. When she isn't flipping vans, battling monsters, or making out with Mike (spoiler - sorry) she's happy eating ice cream of any flavor that has waffle cone in it (or that comes in a waffle cone). Bonus if it's from Scoops Ahoy!

King Kong - Do I really need to say it? It's a giant ape! Of course his favorite is a banana split!

Jaws - Phish Food Jaws - Listen. Jaws is a shark that eats people, so you may want to dispute his being under "The Good". Maybe he's just misunderstood. That argument aside, there's not human flavored ice cream, so I decided to go with a shark's normal food, which is fish. That's why Jaws' favorite ice cream is Phish Food by Ben & Jerry's. And hey - if you really hate jam bands, you can pretend that it's made with the band Phish, and then it is like Jaws is eating humans!

Frankenstein - Frankenstein (or Frankenstein's monster if you'd rather) is a hodgepodge of different parts, so it makes sense that his favorite ice cream is also a hodgepodge - Neapolitan!

Dean Winchester and pie a la modeDean Winchester - if you're a fan of Supernatural, you know Dean Winchester is all about pie. It's not ice cream, I know, but pie a la mode has ice cream. Usually it's vanilla. Anyhow, if you're not super into ice cream, grab some pie and catch up on dreamy Dean and his brother Sam. 

Ripley - In space, no one can hear you scream - FOR ICE CREAM! Obviously it's probably not a good idea to eat real ice cream on a spaceship. It would melt and get into the controls and that would just be the *worst thing ever*, right? So it makes sense that Ripley probably munches on astronaut ice cream in between taking out Aliens.


Dracula and red snow coneThe Bad - What's a horror movie without a bad guy? Or several bad guys?

Dracula -Did you know that vampires are lactose intolerant? I mean - they're pretty much intolerant of all food, so it makes sense that their favorite summertime treat is a snow cone - tiger's blood snow cone to be exact. They probably prefer real blood on theirs, but it's better if you do the tiger's blood flavoring. See also: vampires.

Zombies - What is a zombie's favorite vehicle? Traiiins. What does a vegan zombie eat? Graiiins. What's the worst part of laundry for a zombie? Staiiins. Ok, ok, I'll stop. Whether fast or slow, those undead cockroaches just want one thing - ICE CREAM! Kidding - it's brains, of course. But if they *did* eat ice cream, I imagine they'd want red Zombie and ice cream with chocolate syrupvelvet with plenty of strawberry syrup and walnuts on top (because they look like brains). OR if it's an OG (Night of the Living Dead) zombie, then vanilla with plenty of chocolate syrup will work too.

Leprechaun - If you go looking at the end of a rainbow for this Leprechaun, you probably won't find gold - you'll find murder. If you'd rather save yourself the headache of watching all 8 of these films, just eat some rainbow sherbet really fast, suffer brain freeze, and watch a Lucky Charms commercial. (I kid. I've never seen these movies, so I wouldn't know). But seriously - Leprechaun? It makes sense his favorite would be rainbow sherbet (or cobbler :D).


Jason Voorees and s'mores ice creamThe Ugly - This is for the baddest of the bad - the bad guys from slasher movies that you would never want to cross.

Jason Voorhees - Ahhhh. Camp Crystal Lake. Who doesn't love camp? And the best part has got to be s'mores. Ooey gooey (probably burnt) marshmallow, melty chocolate, and crunchy graham crackers. Oh- and I bet you didn't have a bunch of murders happen at your camp. You can bet that when Jason can't get his hands on fresh ones (campers or s'mores), he picks up a pint (or thirteen) of s'mores ice cream.

The Ritual - I don't know what the heck the thing in The Ritual is supposed to be. A really weird nightmarish centaur-like thing? Whatever it's supposed to be, it looks like it has the body of a moose. While it may not feast on ice cream, if it did, I think its favorite flavor would be Moose Tracks.

Freddy Kreuger and Sweet Dreams ice creamDevil's Rejects - Baby, Otis, and Captain Spaulding are the main characters in House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, and 3 From Hell. They're a few fruit loops shy of a bowl, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that their favorite flavor is Tutti Fruitti - or as they call it, "Tutti *expletive* Fruitti". It's canon! Go watch the movies and find the scene.

Pennywise - Whether he's feasting on children's fear or eating worlds, Pennywise just loves dessert. We all know Pennywise is obsessed with floating, so IT should come as no surprise that his favorite cold treat is a root beer float! Of course, *you* don't have to have root beer. Take any soda of your choice and you'll find out why they all float down here. ;)

Freddy Kreuger - It's bad enough that Freddy murdered a bunch of kids when he was alive. But then he comes back and *continues* to murder teens in their dreams (well nightmares if he's in them, right)?! I love sleep far too much to deal with that mess. However he doesn't have a favorite ice cream flavor so much as a favorite *place* to get ice cream. Sweet Dreams right here in Gainesville! Who knew he was such a connoisseur?