What is GRAFF art?

GRAFF Art = Graffiti, a form of urban landscape art. Wait a minute, isn't that illegal? Not exactly. Let me tell you why. Although graffiti can be associated with gangs, crime, and vandalism, when done legally it can be a beautiful method of self expression and bring lots of fun. An iconic example is the 34th street wall here in Gainesville, Fl.

Spray Can Art photo by Iryna Kanishcheva             Marvel 34th Street Wall photo by Iryna KanishchevaGhostrider Marvel Wall Panel photo by Iryna Kanishcheva

*Photos provided by Iryna Kanishcheva                                

Want to know more? Check out this interview by Iryna Kanishcheva, editor in chief and photographer of GnvUrbanArt.com, with the artists who did a MARVEL comics panel on the 34th street wall. Talk about Every Hero Has a Story! So do something extraordinary with the family, join us at the Tower Road Branch for a fun event for kids and teens of all ages at the GRAFF ART PARTY on Sunday, July 12 from 1-4pm. We will have a photo gallery of Iryna Kanishcheva's urban art photography, live music by DJ Solid of Puerto Rico, and artists doing graffiti art on canvas. Teens and adults can use stencils (or free paint!) our temporary graffiti walls at the library. Kids can use stencils to paint using acrylic paint and paintbrushes. We will have premade stencils, but you will have the option of designing your own too. Unmask your inner graffiti writer with us!

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