Vehicle Usage

Alachua County Library District Policy Statement

Approved By: Date:
Board of Trustees 10/21/92
Revised 10/21/09
Governing Board 11/12/92
Revised 12/10/09


Library District vehicles are used for official Library District business only. Only Library District employees may operate District vehicles or equipment, including vehicles or equipment leased to or rented by the District. The Alachua County Library District and its employees will comply with all safety laws and regulations that apply to motor vehicles in the State of Florida, or other applicable jurisdiction. The Library District's commercial insurance covers employees while driving a District vehicle within the scope of their employment. The District's insurance extension limits shall not exceed those provided in 768.28 Florida Statutes.


  1. An employee driving a Library District vehicle must maintain a valid Florida driver’s license. An employee is required to notify his/her supervisor if the status of his/her driver’s license changes.
  2. Library District employees operating equipment for District purposes must be properly licensed when required.
  3. Library District employees may not drive or operate District owned, leased or rented vehicles or equipment while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, prescription medication that warns against operating a vehicle or equipment, or under any condition that results in sleepiness. The use of tobacco products or the use or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs by the driver or passenger(s) in a District owned, leased or rented vehicle or equipment is prohibited.
  4. Use of any hand-held electronic device while operating District owned, leased or rented vehicles or equipment is prohibited.
  5. Passengers in Library District vehicles must be engaging in District business, or performing in a volunteer capacity for the District. Family members, other than District employees or volunteers engaged in District business, may not drive a District vehicle or ride as passengers. The Library Director may make temporary exceptions to this policy regulation in the case of disaster and emergency situations such as hurricanes, flood and riots where the District must protect life and property.
  6. An employee may be permitted to drive a Library District vehicle home when in on-call status. With prior approval from the Library Director or designee, an employee may be permitted to drive a District vehicle home upon departure to or return from an official trip before or after his/her normal work schedule, as long as employee does not deviate from the most direct route between home, the fueling site and the work site.
  7. An employee receiving a moving violation citation will be personally responsible for payment of incurred fines and court costs. Citations for any other violation of applicable law may be reviewed by the Library Director for determination of payment responsibility.
  8. No vehicle should be operated with a known safety deficiency. Facilities Department staff should be notified immediately if a vehicle problem is discovered.