Drawing mandalas

Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle. In essense, most modern mandalas are concentric circles with designs drawn around each ring. They look intimidating, but are very easy and take few materials to make something that looks impressive. All you need is a surface to draw on, a pencil, a pen or marker, a ruler, and a compass or circular household objects in various sizes. If you are feeling fancy, you can use colored pencils and markers or watercolors to color them prior to drawing or after. You are the boss of your mandala!


Flower MandalaFlower Center Mandala


Place a hold on one of the following books about drawing mandalas for curbside pickup or check out on OverDrive or Libby. Be sure to visit CreativeBug and take Lisa Congdon's class, "Basic Line Drawings: Geometrics" to learn a useful skill for this type of mandala. And, of course, check out the video below for a lesson on how to draw a mandala!


 Mandala for the Inspired Artist by Marisa EdghillCreating Mandalas With Sacred Geometry by Susanne FincherZen Doodling Mandalas by Carolyn FranklinThe Mandala Guidebook by Kathryn Costa


Drawing Mandalas