Origami Butterflies

Origami is the Japanese art of paperfolding. With supplies you can find in your home, you can make these beautiful origami butterflies to enjoy. All you need is paper and scissors. You may also want to use a ruler and a pencil if you want to make a variety of sizes.  

                                                              Butterfly bulletin board


If you really want to make your butterflies special, make them out of paper you decorate yourself. Visit our eSource, Creativebug, and do a search for mark making for several videos that can show you how! Make a kaleideoscope of butterflies, that is the name of a group of butterflies, and use them to decorate a wall or bulletin board, like I did. Creativebug has a few great videos on how to make mobiles, so you can make your butterflies fly!


If you feel inspired, put one of these books on origami on hold for curbside pick up or check out origami books on OverDrive or Libby (There's a great selection!), and get creating!

      Encyclopedia of Origami Techniques by Nick RobinsonLaFosse & Alexander’s Essential Origami for Everyone by Michael LaFosse80 Best Ever Projects: Origami by Rick BeechOrigamipalooza by Christopher HarboOutside the Box Origami by Scott Wasserman SternTravel Origami by Cindy Ng









Origami Butterflies

Posted by MelissaJ on September 10, 2020