Creativebug for the Holidays

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The winter holidays are upon us (speaking of - Happy Hanukkah!) and for many of us, this is a time that's almost as stressful as it is enjoyable. Buying gifts, even for the people we know best, can be anxiety inducing (not to mention expensive!). While handmade gifts, decorations, and crafts can be a budget-friendly alternative, it's hard to know where to start when deciding what to make for loved ones and coworkers alike.

Never fear! With the Alachua County Library District's eSource, Creativebug, the daunting task of holiday gifts can be a little easier to tackle. Try our top four tips and tricks for navigating Creativebug as you sort through ideas. Grab your library card (you'll need it to log in) and get ready.


1. Classes > Holiday + Party

A screenshot of the Creativebug menu. Classes is underlined, and Holiday + Party is underlined from the Classes sub-menu.

The "Holiday + Party" page is perhaps the easiest place to start. In the top menu, next to the Creativebug logo, hover over "Classes", then move your cursor to the "Holiday + Party" option. There will be a submenu that breaks the category up even further, including classes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


2. Resources > Class Collections

A screenshot of the Creativebug menu. Resources is underlined, and Class Collections is underlined from the Resources sub-menu.

The Class Collections page is another great resource that doesn't require you to sort through pages of search results. My favorite are the Hanukkah Projects collection and the Christmas in July collection (though that one assumes you've started early on your gifts, and if you're reading this blog, I'm guessing you haven't!). 


3. Classes > Specific Types of Crafts

If you know what type of craft you're after - be it knitting, jewelry, or something else - you can revisit the "Classes" menu discussed in Tip 1 and choose the specific type that you're interested in. Most of the types have a subcategory specifically for "Holiday + Party"; you can select that for classes geared towards the holidays, or simply browse the whole category for general inspiration that can be applied to holiday gifts or decorations. 

Creativebug Craft Categories


4. The Search Bar

The Creativebug search bar, which currently reads "dot journaling." Beneath it are the words "30 results for "dot journaling"."

Though it may seem like the most obvious option, I've ranked the search bar lower on the list because the results aren't always the most user friendly. They tend to cast a wide net, especially with topics that aren't covered often (for instance, searching "dot journaling" will give results for all types of journaling, and not the specific kind that uses dot grid paper and straight-forward to do lists). 

However, the search bar still has it's uses. If you're looking for something specific - say, your best friend really loves hedgehogs and you want to give them a hedgehog themed gift - and you're not picky about the format, the search bar is a great place to start. 

By MercedesG on November 15, 2021