DIY E-Reader Sleeve

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Looking to re-use some of the bubble mailers you’ve received from your deliveries? You can use one and create this e-reader sleeve project with just a few supplies you may have around the house. You can even re-use the mailer your e-Reader came in and upcycle it! Check out these instructions and the following video to get started.

Supplies Header

  • Bubble mailer (Plastic is best for re-positioning tape)
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape (One or two colors)
  • Velcro tape
  • Ruler
  • Exact-o Knife (Optional)
  • Cutting Mat (Optional)

Instructions Header

  1. Place your e-reader on a clean bubble mat and measure half an inch around the sides.
  2. Add a flap to the top or side by adding an extra two inch strip.
  3. Cut the bubble mailer, using the optional exact-o knife for fine details.
  4. Start taping the pieces together using strips of the duct tape. Leave a half an inch to fold over the sides and try to match the pattern if using printed tape.
  5. Flip over, and start taping the back, leaving a quarter of an inch to overlap to the other side. Take care to not tape the opening closed.
  6. Cut strips of tape and use the exact-knife to cut these in half. Tape these along the border of your sleeve.
  7. Cut a two inch strip of Velcro tape and attach it to your envelop flap.
  8. Slid in your E-Reader and call it a day!



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By AshleyA on July 26, 2021