High School Was Terrible

Was high school the worst four years of your life? Do you just dread it when you think about your teen years? These films show the darker side of high school and can be a cathartic watch for anyone who looks back and experiences extreme cringe. With Halloween around the corner now is a great time to put on hold some of our weirder, creepier films to get them for October.



Battle Royale
Battle Royale (2000) Not Rated

One of the most famous cult films in the past few decades, this inspired countless other works to come. In fictional fascist Japan, a group of students is kidnapped by the government to take part in a kill fest where they must take down their classmates in order to be the last one standing. Watch the trailer here.








Assassination Nation
Assassination Nation (2018) Rated R

Snapshat, IG, sexting. Your entire life is up for exposure the minute you get hacked. And the town of Salem learns just how quickly their world can implode when everyone’s data starts being leaked. Four girls fall victim to this massive data dump and fight their way against misogyny, sexism, the male gaze and murder. Watch the trailer here.








River's Edge
River’s Edge (1987) Rated R

Teenage ennui has no limits in this film. When a group of NorCal teens discover that their friend has killed his girlfriend and is now nonchalantly showing off her body, they try their best to appear like nothing is wrong. Based on a real crime, this film will remind you just how hard it was to appear unaffected. Watch the trailer here.









Boyz in the Hood
Boyz in the Hood (1991) Rated R

Growing up in a tough neighborhood makes it harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In this film, the struggle of growing up in a neighborhood where gang activity is becoming ever present highlights some of the worst parts of American Dream. Watch the trailer here.








Heathers (1988) Rated R


All your friends are beautiful and popular, and you hate each and every one of them. When Veronica meets JD she thinks she’s found a partner in crime, and he thinks he’s found a partner in murder. This black comedy is a great look at the dark side of the cool crowd. Watch the trailer here.









Carrie (1976) Rated R

Imagine that you’re the most bullied girl in school and the cutest guy in your class asks you to prom. Sounds great right? All is wonderful until a bucket of pig blood turns Carrie from a deeply unhappy teen into everyone’s nightmare. Watch the trailer here.









Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018) Rated R

Slaughterhouse Rulez

Boarding school in England is already a dreary experience without the addition of the supernatural, but when you frack the local mine and open a portal to hell it’s next level bad. Now the students must fight these monsters while dealing with the comedy of errors that is high school. Watch the trailer here.






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By AshleyA on August 28, 2020