Meet your Archer Branch Staff! Part 1

This is an opportunity to get to know the people behind the great books, services, and programs offered at the library.  For this edition, we will meet Susie B.!  Susie is the first person that you would normally see at the desk when entering the Archer Branch Library.


Susie holding book


Postion:  Library Assistant

What is your favorite part of the job?  

Books!  I love reading.  I personally own over 1,300 hardback and paperback books.  I also enjoy listening to audiobooks.  I like to use my love of reading to help patrons find their new favorite book.  

Current favorite book?  My current favorite books is On the Edge by Illona Andrews.

It's a great blend of romance and urban fantasy and is a new take, to me, on magic in the world.  In this book there are The Broken, the non-magic world; The Edge, a blend of the non-magic and magic world; and The Weird, the magic world.  The Edge and The Weird are like parallel universes to the real world of The Broken.  People from The Broken cannot enter The Weird and People from The Weird cannot enter the Broken.  Some people from The Edge can enter both.  There are new interesting types of creatures that are both good and bad.  

Susie in program

What is your favorite program/community resource you wish more patrongs knew about/used?

Art Lab, for teens and adults, is my favorite program.  Each month participants create different arts or crafts projects, although this program is on hold for now.  Some of the projects we have created in the past include dragon eggs, unicorn photo holders, and tiles with alcohol inks.  

One of my favorite resources is our Creativebug eSource,  It is an excellent eSource that the Alachua County Library District provides.  Creativebug contains lots of arts & crafts video tutorials and has something for everyone including painting and knitting.  In addition, Creativebug provides tutorials on all skill levels from beginner to advanced and everything in between.  

What would you like more patrons to ask?

How to start using Libby by Overdrive.  Libby is an amazing app for eBooks and eAudiobooks and I personally love it!  I can easily browse the collection, place items on hold, and check out books without leaving my home.  The website is clear and easy to follow.  I am able to quickly move from one book to another.  

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