National Read A Book Day: Sept. 6

Sept. 6 is National Read A Book Day. We are calling all book lovers to indulge themselves and pick up that book on the top of your to-be-read pile. Books have a way of challenging us to look beyond our perspectives and see life from a different angle.

Reading non-fiction books also helps us keep in touch with medical advances, health risks, and world events. Dreaming of far-off places? Pick up a good travel book and imagine what life is like in New Zealand or Japan. Never traveled the whole fifty states? We have books that tell exciting stories about places you have never been to. Thinking of taking up a new craft? National Read A Book Day is the perfect time to pick up a knitting or sewing book. What about woodcraft? Thinking of making a swing for your back garden? National Read A Book Day is for you.

Whatever your idea of a good read, National Read A Book Day is the perfect day for you to put aside that housework or yardwork and just enjoy a relaxing read (you don’t have to finish the book in one day). Enjoy some time for yourself and indulge yourself.

Oh, by the way, eBooks or audiobooks will do just fine.

The Displacements

Bruce Holsinger

“To all appearances, the Larsen-Hall family has everything: healthy children, a stable marriage, a lucrative career for Brantley, and the means for Daphne to pursue her art full-time. Their deluxe new Miami life has just clicked into place when Luna-the world's first category 6 hurricane-upends everything they have taken for granted. When the storm makes landfall, it triggers a descent of another sort.“

Tough Job in Driftwood

Richard Prosch

“A wrecked wagon spells trouble for a Niobrara river man; the leader of a roadhouse band needs a tough man for a dangerous job; a gambler bets on the outcome of a western showdown; a pulp fiction character haunts a woman's memory of her husband. Old gunnies, laconic lawmen, John Coburn, Whit Branham, and a host of villains bring the action, humor and irony Prosch is well known for. Old favorites and brand new tales firmly establish Prosch as an exciting new voice in Western fiction.”

Bad River

Ralph W. Cotton

“Following a tip from a prisoner in Yuma Penitentiary, Ranger Sam Burrack is riding to the Mexican Valley to hunt down the Cowboy Gang, notorious bandits who have topped the Most Wanted list for the past year. Burrack knows it won't be easy., but with patience--and a little luck--he will find them nearby, maybe in the limestone mountains, maybe in the caves above the old Quaker mission. He'll smoke them out like rats if he has to."

All This Could Be Different

Sarah Thankam Mathews

“However mind-numbing the work, her entry-level consulting job is the key that unlocks every door: she can pick up the check for her growing circle of friends in Milwaukee, send money home to her parents in India, and dare to envision a stable future for herself. She even begins dating who she has long wanted-women-and soon develops a crush on Marina, a beautiful dancer who always seems just out of reach. But then, as quickly as it came together, Sneha's life begins to fall apart."

Death and the Conjuror

Tom Mead

“In 1930s London, celebrity psychiatrist Anselm Rees is discovered dead in his locked study, and there seems to be no way that a killer could have escaped unseen. There are no clues, no witnesses, and no evidence of the murder weapon. Stumped by the confounding scene, the Scotland Yard detective on the case calls on retired stage magician-turned-part-time sleuth Joseph Spector. For who better to make sense of the impossible than one who traffics in illusions? “

Invisible Things

Mat Johnson

“When sociologist Nalini Jackson joins the SS Delany for the first manned mission to Jupiter, all she wants is a career opportunity: the chance to conduct the first field study of group dynamics on long-haul cryoships. But what she discovers instead is an entire city encased in a bubble on Europa, Jupiter’s largest moon. Albuquerque chauffer Chase Eubanks is pretty darn sure aliens stole his wife. So when his philanthropist boss funds a top-secret rescue mission to save New Roanoke’s abductees, Chase jumps at the chance to find her.”


Lee Cole

“A love story set in the foothills of Appalachia about two very different people--Owen, from Kentucky, and Alma, the daughter of Bosnian immigrants--navigating the entanglements of class and identity in an America coming apart at the seams.”

Must Love Books: A Novel

Shauna Robinson

"After five years working at Parson's Press, an old-school business book publisher, Nora is the last editorial assistant standing, desperate to get out. That's when Nora is forced to lie her way into moonlighting for a rival publisher...and maybe poaching a few authors along the way. But when Nora accidentally falls for Andrew Santos, an author Parsons Press can't afford to lose, she must decide where her loyalties lie. Parsons Press, Andrew, or herself and her future."

Ayurveda for Women: The Power of Food as Medicine with Recipes for Health & Wellness

Emily L. Glaser, RN, C.Ay

“Practiced for over 5,000 years in India, Ayurveda is the health-care manual for balanced energy and finding relief from ailments that affect a woman’s well-being. Every meal is an opportunity to choose food as medicine, and when you do, Ayurvedic cooking can be a powerful approach to taking control of your health while supporting the demands of day-to-day life.”

The Complete Guide to Memory: The Science of Strengthening Your Mind

Richard Restak

“A comprehensive guide to understanding how memory works, how memory forms, the mind-body connection, and more! In the busy, information-filled world in which we live, it’s often easy to forget things and hard to keep track of how details get stored in our brain. The Complete Guide to Memory serves to provide a one-stop resource that covers the essentials on memory.”

The Kaiju Preservation Society

John Scalzi

When an old acquaintance desperately needs her help, Jamie Gray is transported to an alternate dimension where she must save large creatures called Kaiju from others who have found their way to the world—and who threaten humankind back on Earth with their carelessness.

Descriptions provided by the publisher.
By CarolineH on September 5, 2022