Red Rising review

As a fan of young adult dystopian novels, I am always looking for something new. Red Rising is something I haven't read before and is possibly the best book I've read all year. The story follows a young man named Darrow who has experienced some serious tragedies in his 16 years of life. He works as a helldiver on the planet Mars. Darrow comes from the lowly echelon of the reds. After experiencing a painful loss, he realizes a secret where wrongs must be righted.

From there, he enters a world from which he does not know and has to infiltrate. What makes this book different from other dystopian novels like the Hunger Games or even the Red Queen (which I think is very similar to Red Rising), is the world building as well as what is done to Darrow physically and mentally. The way that Brown describes all that is done is amazing and thoughtful.

Yes, it is not a perfect book. Darrow has a somewhat Marty Stu demeanor and how he gets out of things is questionable at times, but it still is a very good book and highly recommended. If you do finish this book and want to read the next one, check out Golden Son.

Originally Posted by JasmineT on December 30, 2015

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