Shojo manga = romance all the way!

Let me preface my post by saying that I am not a romance novel reader.  I am all about the beautiful artwork of manga, the quick pace of the story, and the unique cultural aspects that mangas possess.

Many of these titles feature female protagonists who are in high school or who graduated high school not too long ago.  Don't let their age fool you though; these stories are intense and full of twists and turns!

Hot Gimmick by Miki Aihara

When Hatsumi's sister Akane needs a pregnancy test from the drug store, Hatsumi ends up being the one to buy it.  The neighbor's son sees what she has and threatens to tell everyone unless she becomes his slave!  Hatsumi's childhood friend and protector Azusa appears to save her.  Find out how this love triangle ends!  I liked the twists and there were some awkward-moment laughs in here too!

Honey Hunt by Miki Aihara (warning, series never wrapped up!)

Yura is living in the shadow of her celebrity parents who are also in the midst of a divorce. When she blows up at them on live tv she is instantly thrust into the spotlight as the next big thing! Can she step out into the limelight to find fame and love by herself?

B.O.D.Y. by Ao Mimori

16 year old Sakura keeps eyeballing the strong, silent Fuji in class.  When she finds out he's a host (a guy who gets paid to date women), she is both horrified but a tiny bit curious about what that job entails.  I love how tough Sakura can be; she punches some people, much to their surprise!  See if Fuji can win Sakura over despite his complicated past and present.

Midnight Secretary by Tomo Ohmi

Kaya prides herself on being an excellent secretary. The only weakness she sees in herself is her pretty babyface which she tries to hide with glasses and a bun. When she gets a new boss who happens to be a very handsome vampire what is a dedicated employee to do? 

Black Bird by Kanoko Sakurakouji

Misao just wants to be a normal high schooler with a boyfriend.  Instead, she is the Senka Maiden and her blood is delicious to demons!  Her childhood friend Kyo rescues her from an attack only to admit to being a demon himself!  This is an action-packed manga with equal parts fighting and romance! 

Kimi ni todoke (From me to you) by Karuho Shiina

Sawako tries to be friends with people, but she gets so nervous she ends up looking like a girl out of a horror movie! Now that she's in high school she's more determined than ever to make friends and maybe even find love. This is both a heartfelt and hilarious series!

Demon Love Spell by Mayu Shinjo (series incomplete)

Miko is a shrine maiden who has never had much luck at actually seeing the beings of the spirit world. She somewhat miraculously casts a spell to seal a demon on a boy who has been breaking all the girls' hearts at school. To her surprise, he really IS a demon! Now he's attached himself to her in a weakened state. What happens next? 

A Devil and Her Love Song by Miyoshi Tomori

Maria is a new transfer student. While she would like to make friends, she has a totally unfiltered way of talking to people. Her blunt attitude comes off as rude and soon the other girls begin to bully her. Enter two boys, one happy and one not to offer her friendship and maybe love!

Nana by Ai Yazawa (series incomplete)

Two young women both named Nana meet on a train heading to Tokyo.  One is dark and edgy while the other is bubbly and warm.  They become best friends and roommates.  Read this series to explore a great friendship that is threatened by the men they love and the promise of fame.

Butterflies, Flowers by Yuki Yoshihara

How weird would it be to have your servant from childhood as your boss when you're an adult?  Choko learns that her new boss, Domoto, is the servant who cared for her as a small child!  How will she handle the stresses of her past, her first full-time job, and the feelings for her supervisor?  Read it to find out!


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