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Teen Tween Book Club

This month, we're celebrating spooky season with one of science fiction's greatest tales. H.G. Wells' landmark science fiction novel tells the story of a catastrophic war between humans and Martians. The story has inspired many other stories and had numerous adaptations. For book club, please choose whichever format you are most interested in! 

You can find this book in our catalog in various formats in our collection - please feel welcome to choose your favorite. Join us on Zoom Wednesday, October 20, 4 p.m. to discuss! Create an account and join us on our Goodreads group for book club discussions. 

On Goodreads, we post weekly discussions and polls for members to discuss. Our book club works best for tweens and teens aged 11 to 17. 

The War of the Worlds
H.G. Wells

When an army of invading Martians lands in England, panic and terror seize the population. As the aliens traverse the country in huge three-legged machines, incinerating all in their path with a heat ray and spreading noxious toxic gases, the people of the Earth must come to terms with the prospect of the end of human civilization and the beginning of Martian rule.

Inspiring films, radio dramas, comic-book adaptations, television series and sequels,The War of the Worlds is a prototypical work of science fiction which has influenced every alien story that has come since, and is unsurpassed in its ability to thrill, well over a century since it was first published. 

Descriptions adapted from the publisher.
By Courtney on October 7, 2021