Teen/Tween Book Club

Teen Tween Book Club

May’s Teen/Tween Book Club will be meeting, as always, on the last Wednesday of the month.  For May, we will meet on Wednesday, May 31st at 4 p.m., and our selection is The Girls I've Been by Tess Sharpe. 

You can find this book in our catalog in various formats in our collection - please feel welcome to choose your ebook or physical copy. Join us in person at the Headquarters Teen Space, again on Wednesday, May 31st at 4 p.m. to discuss! Also, create an account and join us on our Goodreads group for book club discussions and updates on the next selection.

On Goodreads, we post weekly discussions and polls for members to discuss before the in-person meeting. Our book club works best for tweens and teens aged 11 to 17. 

Interested in other book clubs? The Alachua County Library District has several. You can find more information on our Book Clubs page.

The Girls I've Been

Tess Sharpe



For the last five years, Nora O'Malley has lived with her sister, Lee, cobbling together a normal life. Her biggest problem now is how to apologize to Wes, her best friend and ex-boyfriend, for hiding the fact that she and their mutual friend, Iris, are a couple.

When the three of them meet at the bank for an errand after Wes walks in on Nora and Iris, Nora's braced for an awkward scene, not a violent one—but life-or-death is exactly what she gets when two men initiate an out-of-control bank robbery.

But five years ago? Nora wasn't Nora—she was a string of different girls, raised to help her mom con shady criminal businessmen; Nora has spent years recovering from the traumas those girls both endured and inflicted. She'll need every bit of cunning she learned from them if she's going to get Iris and Wes out of this bank alive—even if it means showing the girl she's beginning to love her darkest self.

Descriptions adapted from the publisher.
By LaurelC on May 3, 2023