Teen/Tween Book Club Title for September 2020

Copies of Cinderella is Dead

I am so excited to be doing Cinderella is Dead for our September book club title! As a special treat, author Kalynn Bayronn sent us a video clip talking about her story, and what it meant to her. I have these five additional copies of the book at the library, so just send me an email at jmiller@aclib.us and I will check it out to you and send it to your preferred branch, they are only available for the book club, so you cannot put them on hold like a regular book. It is, however, also available as an ebook. Don't forget to sign up to be in the Teen/Tween Goodreads Book Club, https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/1106082-teen-tween-book-club

Cinderella is Dead is a story of a dystopian society that revolves around the Cinderella story. It begins 200 years after Cinderella has died, and tells of how her story has affected all of the people in the kingdom, and what her Prince Charming did after her illness and death. As it turns out, he is less *charming* that the story would have you believe, and more of a tyrant. Sophia is a totally normal girl, but she is not going to tolerate being told what to do, and whom to love. I really enjoyed this tale of courage and adventure, and believing in who you are, no matter what! I hope you guys enjoy reading along, and I'm so very pleased Kalynn Bayron sent us her very own book talk on her very own book! 

Originally Posted by JessicaM on August 25, 2020

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