World Bartender Day (2/24)


As alcoholic beverages have evolved, the field of bartending has expanded in diversity and creativity. 

In 1862, the "father of American mixology," Jerry Thomas, published the first cocktail recipe book "Bar-Tender's Guide" or "How to Mix Drinks, or the Bon Vivant’s Companion." Thomas was known for his showmanship and mixology skills and performed in California and New York City bars he owned and operated (The New York Times, click here for free online access).

In 1951, on February 24, seven countries came together to form the International Bartenders Association, which has grown to include 64 countries in support of the profession. February 24 is now celebrated as World Bartender Day. According to the United States Bartender's Guild, their core values are "Service, Integrity, Sharing Knowledge and Tradition."

Cookbook covers for mocktails

When it comes to deciding what you want to drink, there is a world of options—alcohol doesn't have to be in the drink you order! Mocktails are not limited to the Shirley Temple, and drink options with low to no alcohol are becoming increasingly popular, even at our local bars and breweries. Whatever the situation or mood, even alcohol lovers can appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a quality mocktail. 


Seeking resources to improve your mixology skills? Our collection has a considerable number of recipe books for drinks:


Making drinks at home? Start here:

Cookbook covers for making cocktails at home

Start simple! Learn how a cocktail works together, and find what works for you as a drinker or host.


For those wanting to hone their craft at the bar:

Cookbook covers for the craft of cocktails

Mixology is both an art and a science.


Have a favorite drink? Become an expert:

Cookbook covers for specialized drinks

Many drinks have a long history or a unique story that they tell.


Travel the world within your glass:

Cookbook covers for drinks from specific cultures

Depending on where you drink in the world, the different ingredients, techniques, and cultures all play a part. 


Cocktails inspired by Movies, Books, and Music:

Cookbook covers for book, movie, and music, related cocktails

Let the library inspire your creative mixology skills and have fun drinking safely!


If you want to dive deeper into the history of alcohol and drinking, there are many more books you can find within our catalog.


Don't forget to tip your bartenders!

By Sofia on February 20, 2024