How Facts Get Checked

Between the pandemic, the protests, politics, and everything else in the news, it can be hard to know if what you are reading or watching is giving you good information. According to On the Media's Breaking News Consumer's Handbooks, even the best news organizations somethings get things wrong, and breaking news "often gets essential facts wrong. In fact, the rampant misreporting can be so common as to be predictable." 

Have you been using fact checking websites to help you double check claims made? 

One fact checking website, PoltifFact. recently published a video on how they choose which facts to check. Check it out and then if you want to learn more, check out some of the books, DVDs and online resources in our collection.

"How PolitiFact selects facts to check"
June 18, 2020

Ready to learn more about fact checking, fake news, and how the news is made? Here are some resources you check out. Remember, you can put physical materials (books, DVDs, etc) on hold and pick them up through the Library District's curbside service.

Gale in Context "Fact Checking"  This online article gives a short overview of fact checking.

True or false : a CIA analyst's guide to spotting fake news (on order) A look at fake news today and back in the day.

Fake news, propaganda, and plain old lies : how to find trustworthy information in the digital age Focuses on evaluating sources, and how to spot logical fallacies and the misuse statistics. 

The truth matters : a citizen's guide to separating facts from lies and stopping fake news in its tracks Tips for being a more savvy consumer of news, including how to read critically, use fact checking sites and avoid confirmation bias.

Truth : how the many sides to every story shape our reality  A philosophical exploration of how we decide what is true and what is not true. 

Documentary storytelling : creative nonfiction on screen For those who want to make news, this online how-to book has a section on research and fact checking.

The invention of news : how the world came to know about itself A look back at the history of the news over four centuries.

The Great Courses Fighting misinformation : digital media literacy DVD and course book on understanding misinformation and how to check claims in health and science news.

Fake news : separating truth from fiction This book for teens explains how fact checking works and uses case studies to highlight the problem of fake news.

Fake news and the manipulation of public opinion Another book for teens that looks at the role of social media in promoting fake news.