Confidentiality of Patron Records

Alachua County Library District Policy Statement

Approved By: Date:
Board of Trustees 11-16-88
Revised 10-18-06
Revised 12-15-10
Governing Board 12-6-88
Revised 10-26-06
Revised 02-10-11



In accordance with Florida Statutes Section 257.261, the Library District reaffirms that all ACLD circulation and patron registration records are confidential. Further, all such information is exempt from the provisions of Florida Statute Section 119.07 and from Section 24(a) of Article I of the State Constitution, except in accordance with a proper judicial order or as otherwise exempted by FS 257.261.


  1. Staff may not release, or make known in any manner, any information from or about patron registration, circulation, reference inquiries or internet use records, to anyone, including local, state or federal law enforcement officers or court officers, until or unless directed to do so by the Library Director or designee.
  2. Requests for records must be immediately directed to the Library Director or designee.
  3. A judicial order is interpreted as a court order unless otherwise defined within the Florida Statutes.
  4. A subpoena from an attorney or anyone for production of Library records or testimony about Library business is not a judicial order, but may not be ignored by the Library District. Employees should notify the Library Director or designee immediately upon receipt of a subpoena for Library records or testimony about Library business, and provide the subpoena.