Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with the Alachua County Library District

Colorful shapes above the text "Hispanic Heritage Month"

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with reading lists, virtual programs, and Spanish resources from your library!

Hispanic Heritage Month officially runs from Sept.15 - Oct. 15 and celebrates the history, culture, and important contributions of people whose ancestors and families come from Spain, Mexico, and many other Spanish-speaking nations in the Caribbean, Central, and South America. We're joining the party with our impressive collection of Spanish books and special programs this month. Enjoy the resources below and check back throughout the month as we post new programs. 

Large letters reading Latinx Films
Great films for Hispanic Heritage Month, from horror to drama with some psychological thrills mixed in.
Large letters reading Story Time
Studies show learning a second language can improve brain function and increase concentration. Join Ms. Lisely for songs and stories in Spanish!
Large letters reading DIY spices
Learning to make your own spice mixes at home is a great way to get the best flavor and save money. Presented in English and Spanish.
Large text reading "Young reader"
Great reads with Hispanic characters for 1st through 6th grade readers.
Large letters reading aprender espanol
Learn Spanish for free with our Transparent Language tool, available anywhere you go! Children can learn too with Kidspeak.
Large letters reading Latin Music
From the cumbia music of Colombia and the bachata of la República Dominicana, each region puts a new spin on classic styles and inspires new genres.
Large letters reading VIP
Books for young readers that spotlight important Hispanic people and their contributions to political, scientific, social, and cultural life. 
Large letters reading Teen Reads
Great titles with Hispanic characters for 7th through 12th grade readers.
Large text reading "Music for kids"
Help little ones learn Spanish with music. Singing can improve our accent and pronunciation and expand our vocabulary.
Large letters reading Latinx Books
Browse our best Latinx literature including fiction, nonfiction, and cookbooks.
Large letters reading Picture Books
These books use beautiful illustrations and simple language to highlight the language, lives, and cultures of Hispanic people from around the world.