Interlibrary Loan Policy

Alachua County Library District Policy Statement

Approved By: Date:
Board of Trustees 01-17-96
Revised 08-16-00
Revised 12-15-10
Revised 08/16/17
Governing Board 02-08-96
Revised 08-24-00
Revised 02-10-11
Revised 09/06/17


Interlibrary loans are transactions in which library materials are made available by one library system to another. The Alachua County Library District's interlibrary loan service provides our registered Alachua County residents the opportunity to obtain library materials not owned by the Library District. This service is offered through participation in a network of state and national libraries dedicated to resource sharing. The Library District borrows materials from other libraries for our patrons and lends materials from our collection to other libraries for their patrons.


  1. The Library District will make every effort to borrow material requested by our patrons, with the exception of books published within the last 6 months, media, reference books, microforms and books with reserve requests.
  2. This service is offered at no charge to all current Alachua County residents that are registered borrowers in good standing. Good standing is defined as being a registered borrower with a zero balance and no overdue ILLs on their account.
  3. Any charges assessed by the lending institution will be passed on to the patron.