Conezilla reviews Elephant & Piggie

Gerald, Piggie, and Conezilla are surrounded by Mo Willems books

There are always more books to discover and more reading that can be done in a library!  Last week I discovered some fun not-so-classic fairy tales.  The week before I learned about (and maybe dreamed about) being an astronaut. Books really can take you anywhere.  I was so excited to keep reading this week, but after lifting all those other books my arms sure were getting tired (and my arms are just made of thin spoons!).  This week I went to the young children's section and looked at what was on the very bottom row so I wouldn't have to reach as far.  There were all these books by a writer named Mo Willems!  That made sense since his last named started with a "W" and "W" is near the end of the alphabet.

Conezilla discovering the Mo Willems books

Well, I was excited to read so I gave these books a shot.  And they are amazing!  I feel like I have two new best friends.  I love Piggie because she's so much fun and always wants to try new things.  She reminds me of how, whenever I've tried new things, like going to the library for the first time, it's always been a wonderful treat.  I love Gerald too.  I think it's funny how worried he gets about things.  I think they are a good pair because she gets him to try things he wouldn't have, and they care so much about each other.

Some of my favorite books were I Really Like SlopMy New Friend is So Fun!, Let's Go For A Drive, and My Friend is Sad.  I like that the characters talk in speech bubbles so I can do fun voices for what I think they sound like.  And I fly through these books!  I wish Mo Willems would write more, but at least he has a spinoff series called Elephant & Piggie Like Reading so I still get to enjoy new stories.  I did try to hide Should I Share My Ice Cream? so that the kids wouldn't look at me and get any ideas, but hiding books made the librarians mad so I promised I wouldn't do it anymore.

Afterward I used the library's computer service and discovered that Mo Willems has a website where you can learn how to draw Gerald, Piggie and Pigeon.  There are other games too and videos and so much fun.  It was the best day.  I wonder what I should read next.

Gerald, Piggie, and Conezilla are surrounded by Mo Willems books