Stay at Home Story Time: Ada Twist, Scientist and friends

Ada Twist and her friends are all about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.) With so many questions and so Book cover illustration of a girl wearing scientist googles and a gloves and a boy pointing at her with the title text "Ada Twist, Scientist."much to learn, this group of friends is never bored.

Author Andrea Beaty created this picture book series which promotes STEM, girl power and creativity. Encouraging readers to dream big, question how things work, and to keep trying, this series opens a world a possibility, and it all begins with a “Why?”

What started with a humorous picture book has now evolved into a chapter book series highlighting the various characters in Ada’s world. Join Ada Twist, Iggy Peck, and Rosie Revere, the Questioneers, as they join together to solve various problems.


Check out one of our Overdrive selections in the Ada Twist universe. You may want to start with the picture books that have rhyming text and are fun read-a-louds. There are also chapter books for emerging readers in the Questioneers series and project books featuring your favorite character and fun STEM activities to do at home.


Look through your favorite book and use it for inspiration to create something. You might want to get your thoughts down on paper by drawing something or writing out a plan.

Do you have something you’d like to build, like Rosie’s plane? Find a box and use it to make a model. Use as many recyclable materials as possible and remember, the possibilities are endless. This is your creation.

Build an architectural marvel like Iggy. What type of building supplies do you have at home? Building blocks, Legos, cardboard boxes and paper tubes are just a few of the things you can use to construct buildings and towns. Perhaps you’d like to build something big enough to climb into, like a pillow fort.

Conduct an experiment like Ada. Would you like to observe a chemical reaction? Maybe you’d like to watch a seed germinate. Observe the phases of the moon. More information on these and more activities can be found in Ada Twist’s Big Project Book For Stellar Scientists.

More fun activities and resources featuring your favorite book characters can be found at author Andrea Beaty’s site here.


Some of the scientists that inspired author Andrea Beaty were Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie. Would you like to learn more about them or other scientists and inventors? Check out our eSources and use your library card to access World Book, Kids InfoBits, and more books through OverDrive for kids. If you need help accessing OverDrive, or any of our other eSources, look here .

STEM activities can be found all over the internet. You can access some of those activities through our Kids page. Science Buddies  can help you find science and engineering projects for kids. Try the other links for more answers to all those “why” questions. The Science Lab at National Geographic Kids has more science experiments and other fun things to explore.

As we practice social distancing, many of our favorite museums are closed. However, many local and national museums have online learning activities and videos. The Cade Museum is offering fun STEAM activities at Cade at Home . You can access the Florida Museum of Natural History for more learning opportunities. Another resource at the world’s largest museum is the Smithsonian for Kids.

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