Meeting Room/Outdoor Spaces Use

Alachua County Library District Policy Statement

Approved By: Date:
Board of Trustees 10/17/90
Governing Board 10/25/90



The Alachua County Library District's meeting rooms, gardens, courtyards, parking lots and other outdoor spaces are primarily for the use of the Library District. When not required for District use, they may be made available, free of charge, to individuals or community groups whose purposes are civic, cultural, or educational in nature. Final authority for the use of the Library District’s various meeting rooms/outdoor spaces rests with the Library Director or designee, in compliance with this policy. The Library District welcomes opportunities to make accommodations for people with disabilities.


  1. All meetings must be open to the public and no attendance or entry fee may be charged. Meetings for the exclusive purpose of fund raising are prohibited. However, non-profit organizations shall not be prohibited from collection of ordinary annual dues or the selling of such miscellaneous items as the organization's calendars, datebooks, etc., provided that such activity is incidental to the purpose of the meeting. Commercial sales and promotions of businesses are prohibited. If a catered meal is included in the meeting activity, a charge may be made to recover expenses, as long as it relates only to the meal and not to attendance.
  2. Refreshments are subject to rules for the specific room or area. Alcoholic beverages may not be served, nor is smoking permitted anywhere on library premises.
  3. Personal use of the meeting rooms for baby showers, birthday parties, graduation celebrations, or other private social events is not permitted.
  4. Attendance must not exceed that limit established for each meeting room by the Library District and the Fire Marshall.
  5. Headquarters and Branch meeting rooms may be used during the operating hours of the Headquarters facility.
  6. Use of the meeting rooms/outdoor spaces is by reservation only and may only be made for one event per month. At all libraries, reservations can be made for up to two months following the current month. Unscheduled rooms may be used by the public on a first-come/first-served basis, as long as the use conforms to this policy.
  7. Use of the library meeting rooms/outdoor spaces does not imply Library District endorsement, and no promotional materials should state or imply Library District endorsement or sponsorship of the event or the organization. The library should only be listed as the location of the meeting. Groups may not use the Library District’s name or address as their own or store their property at the library between meetings.
  8. The applicant or representative of the group reserving the meeting room/outdoor spaces must complete the proper form assuming responsibility for any damage done to library facilities or equipment prior to the scheduled meeting.
  9. The Library District will only provide equipment that is already installed in meeting rooms or outdoor spaces and/or sound equipment and lecterns as applicable to individual rooms. The applicant assumes responsibility for proper use of equipment.
  10. For those locations with Study Rooms, the following guidelines also apply:
    • Study Rooms are used primarily for District sponsored literacy tutoring, individual tutoring activities and small group study.
    • They may be reserved ahead of time and on a repeating basis for literacy or other tutoring activities only. Unless the reservation is sponsored by the Library District, reservations are limited to two hours per organization/person for one room only. A reservation can be extended if no other requests for that room have been made.
    • No more than the posted maximum occupancy may use these rooms at one time.