Synchronic Watch-Alikes

SynchronicSynchronic is a dark sci fi thriller that shows the bizarre side effects of a drug that is wreaking havoc on the city of New Orleans. Parametics, Steve and Dennis, keep showing up at gruesome scenes where the common link is the use of the drug, Synchronic. Steve soon comes to realize there is more to these unusual deaths and injuries than anyone thought and what is actually happening when people take the drug is something out of an H.G. Wells novel. 

This movie has fantastic performances (Anthony Mackie, Falcon from the Marvel movies, and Jamie Dornan from The Fall) and is surprisingly emotional, as both main characters deal with the impact the past has on their present. I would highly recommend it.  Click one of the following titles or movie posters to go to the catalog and come in to check out or place on hold to pick up at the branch of your choice.

Strange DaysStrange Days: A drug-like device that allows its users to fully experience a few minutes of someone else’s experiences and emotions has gripped the city of Los Angeles. People are looking for more and more intense experiences and people recording the experiences are taking increasingly extreme risks. One day, a dealer of these clips uncovers a conspiracy that can have major implications for the city.

UrgeThe CellA Scanner DarklyLimitless



Urge: A group of friends encounters a mysterious man with a sinister plan who introduces them to a designer drug that lowers a person’s morals and takes away their inhibitions completely.



The Cell: A company has developed an elaborate experimental system where a cocktail of mind altering drugs is pumped into a person in order to help children who are locked in their own bodies, unable to communicate. When a serial killer, whose victim is in imminent danger, falls into a catatonic state, a former social worker is coopted into entering his tortured mind to attempt to retrieve the victim’s whereabouts.


A Scanner Darkly: Based on the Phillip K. Dick novel of the same name, this movie explores identity in a Los Angeles plagued by the drug, Substance D. This drug causes intense hallucinations and harsh long-term effects for those addicted to it. When an undercover officer falls prey to addiction, his personality splits and that alter ego becomes the target of a police investigation.


Limitless: Based on the book, this movie follows a man who takes a drug that gives him extraordinary mental recall and amazing speed at processing information. He ends up getting into a bind when the drug’s side effects and conflict with a finance tycoon threaten his newly formed dream life.