Celebrate Earth Day 2021

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Earth Day takes place annually on April 22 and is a day to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The library has many books on environmental protection topics available for checkout with your library card:

Did you know?

We have Seed Libraries available at all library locations. A Seed Library is where we share free seeds and gardening tips with all gardeners, new and experienced. Since availability differs depending on location, ask your local branch staff about their location's seed library the next time you visit!

To celebrate Earth Day 2021, we are going to demonstrate some techniques of decorating flower pots. Once you are finished, you can stop by the Headquarters Library to pick up packets of flower and herb seeds to plant in your flower pot! Two techniques you can learn about on our database, Creativebug, are painted and dyed terracotta flower pots. Each of these video lessons is about 20-minutes long.

Some other fun ideas for decorating flowers pots are to paint them with chalkboard paint, wrap them in twine or ribbon, or add glitter to them.

Decorating Flower Pots Using Paint and Glitter

Decorated flower pot

Materials Needed:

  • Ceramic or terra cotta flower pot
  • Paint (Choose your favorite color)
  • Paint brush
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter (Choose your favorite color)
  • Beads and Gemstones(Optional)


Step 1: Paint a coat or two of your favorite color on the outside of the pot. If you're feeling super creative, you can customized your pot even further, by adding illustrations or drawings. Let the paint completely dry before moving on to the next step. 

Step 2: Prepare your glitter. To avoid a mess, put some glitter on a disposable plate.

Step 3:  Paint a coat of mod podge around the edge of your pot.

Step 4:  Cover the edge of your pot in glitter by gently rolling it around on the disposable plate containing the glitter.

Step 5: Let the glitter dry. If you want, you can bedazzle your pot with beads and gemstones.

Step 6: Now, add soil and your favorite plants, flowers or succulents to your beautifully decorated flower pot!

Parents and kids can check out our Earth Day for Kids blog for more fun ways to celebrate!