Growing Glorious Greens

seed packetsOctober is for growing the traditional southern greens: collards and mustards and turnip greens! Like most veggies in the brassica family these leafy greens thrive in the cooler weather. They’re fairly easy plants to grow and you can harvest the entire plant at once or trim a few leaves whenever you need a some for dinner.

If you’re interested in trying out some of these delicious greens give your closest library a call. Thanks to generous donations from Working Food and Reddick Brothers Hardware, all locations have Purple Top Turnips, White Cabbage Collards, and Feaster Family Mustards available for checkout. 

If you're looking for some recipe inspiration check out a few of these titles. There's a whole lot of history behind these delicious southern greens.

Dandelion and Quince bookcoverEthiopia bookcoverIf I Can Cook bookcoverRuffage bookcoverSweet Potato Soul bookcoverVegetables Illustrated bookcover

Find out more about the Feaster Family Heirloom Mustard.

Are you growing collards this winter? Check out The Heirloom Collard Project. The Heirloom Collard Project has recruited volunteers across the country to regenerate varieties of collards that might otherwise be lost forever. #collards2020

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Posted by NaomiB on October 3, 2020