Student Cards

Student Cards for Alachua County Public Schools students expired Dec. 31, 2022 pending renewal by the school district.

Student Library Card with illustration of a backpack filled with school supplies.

Since 2018, the Alachua County Library District and Alachua County Public Schools have pioneered the Student Library Card program to provide students with public library cards. More than 27,000 cards were distributed to local schools. Students at P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School at the University of Florida were added to the program in 2019. The Rock School was added beginning in 2023 for students, and now includes grades 1-12.

Student Cards allow cardholders to access the following library resources at no cost:
• Borrow 3 books or audiobooks
• Check out eBooks, download music and read digital magazines
• Use library Databases, including tutoring help and homework resources
• Log on to internet computers at any of the Library District’s 12 locations

How to use your card

In the fall, Alachua County Public Schools' students receive a welcome email to their student email accounts explaining what the Student Library Card program is and how to use it. P.K. Yonge students and The Rock School students in grades 1-12 receive a welcome letter.

These messages include each student's Student Library Card number and an explanation of their pin/password. Students can use this information to log in to library resources online and to check out items at any branch or online. 

Remember: To log in to Alachua County Library District resources, you'll need to enter your entire Student Library Card number (all the numbers with no spaces) and your pin number/password (that’s the month and day that you were born. For example, someone born on September 14 would have the pin number/password 0914). If you changed your pin last year, the pin has been reset to your four-digit birth month and day. 

Student Library Card Registration Form

If you are a P.K. Yonge student or a student in grades 6-12 at The Rock School and you did not already receive an email or letter with your Student Library Card information, please use the form below to register for your card. Once you submit this form, Alachua County Library District staff will create a student card for you and notify you about your new card via email.

If you haven't received an email with you student card information within 7 school days of completing this form, please email with your name and the date you completed the form. Don't hesitate to email us with any other questions too!

Thanks for participating.

Student's Name
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Parent's or Guardian's Name
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