Shaney T. Livingston will advocate for Florida libraries and the development of library staff, volunteers and supporters.
Let the cool waves wash over you at this FREE exhibit in High Springs.
Let the library help you reconnect with your inner child.

Teens are invited to join a team to compete in the Battle of the Books

7th Annual Battle of the Books competition at Headquarters on July 30, will feature special guest author Lynne Matson.

Learn self-defense techniques

Aikido of Gainesville offers this fun, energetic Summer Reading program to help teens learn a non-aggressive form of self-defense.

Capture Pokémon creatures at a library near you

Visit each library each day to pick up more items and discover new Pokémon in the area. Most libraries are PokéStops and Library Partnership is a gym.

Exercise your brain with Professor DoDad

On August 3, at Headquarters Library and Archer Branch Professor Do Dad will share his fun optical illusions, science experiments and more.

Discover these great eSources with awesome research tools

Search magazines, journals and reference materials on a variety of subjects: business, health, education, science and more.