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In 2016, Tower Road Branch teens voted on their YA protagonist president. What did we learn from this? Would you vote differently in 2020?
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Make your own abstract art to display in your home or give as a holiday gift.
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Elizabeth Acevedo has really outdone herself with this beautiful story of two sisters who must overcome great tragedy to find each other. Written in verse, this book will give you all the feels!!

Tween/Teen Book Club

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The Teen/Tween Book Club at the Headquarters Branch of the Alachua County Library District has been around for over three years and has now moved to GoodReads

This virtual platform allows us to safely hear from all of our members (past and present) and to add new members from all around the district!

We love reading the best new YA fantasy and sci-fi, but also enjoy slice of life novels and great bios. We'll even throw in the occasional graphic novel for fun!


Check out what we're reading past, present, and future and join us for some scintillating conversation at our very own Tween/Teen Virtual Book Club


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Cover Image of "Wires and Nerves" by Marissa Meyer Cover Image of "Wires and Nerves: Volume 2" by Marissa Meyer                       Cover Image of "Clap When You Land" by Elizabeth Acevedo

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Virtual Fall Teen Art Show (Ages 12-15)

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Virtual Events for Teens

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Would you like to learn how to draw something beautiful, while also lowering your stress? Then making mandalas is for you!
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Listen to spooky tales told around a campfire!
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Get a taste of some of 2019 & 2020's most interesting Young Adult Reads. With multiple genres and formats we've got something special for everyone.
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A vision board is a goal-setting tool to help us visualize our future. Vision boards are usually collages, but, here, we've got a way for you to make one you can share using your smartphone or computer!
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Got straws? Make a Beautiful Bracelet!

Live Virtual Events for Teens