Local Artist Spotlight: Marley The Messenger


Marley The Messenger has something to say, will you listen?

In September 2023, Marley became the Teen Music Maker monthly series instructor at the Tower Road Branch. Teaching wasn't his intended career path, but it has become his call to action. You might have previously caught him leading workshops at Guitar Center”, MCing hundreds of local events, or performing in his natural element on a stage.


Growing up, the High Springs Branch was his hangout spot for wandering around the stacks and exploring the catalog. Marley started writing poetry in middle school, and in 9th grade was introduced by a friend to Hip Hop culture. He'd been listening to the voice of Hip Hop through rap music before realizing that "Hip Hop is something you live...within Hip Hop culture, rap is just one of its many practices. There is also break dancing, graffiti art, Djing, and many other elements, and expressions of this beautiful culture."

In his early years, Marley used the stage name "The Messenger" and tried to impart the right things people needed- until he realized that he felt like his expectations were limiting him to the point that "The Messenger" and Marley Montano felt like two separate entities. In redefining himself as "Marley The Messenger," the human being and the artist seemed to merge together in a new way that he describes as a better representation of all that he is both as a professional, and as a person.

Marley performing live

As a performer, freestyle is one of his favorite art forms- "It’s a spiritual experience that can both show you, and transport you to another dimension. For me personally, it’s a meditative and therapeutic activity." The voice itself is an instrument that can impart deeper emotions and impact in both simple lines or in elaborate poetry with music. For Marley The Messenger, Hip Hop has called to him as a "voice for the voiceless with important political and social messages." 

KRS One ("knowledge rains supreme over nearly everyone") has been one of his longtime musical inspirations, and someone who he's had the opportunity to open for and freestyle with. Marley also performed for years as a duo with DJ Robzilla, a local beatbox professor, and they incorporated freestyle and a DJing lesson into their live show. 

Worth Doing Right Song Cover

One thing Marley noticed quickly as a performer is that people responded to his honesty and authenticity. Although much of his work is spontaneous, he is intentional in including topics worth talking about in his flows. His song "Worth Doing Right" was inspired by his grandfather and his advice to consider what in life is worth putting energy into. For Marley The Messenger, our local music scene is a community that is benefiting from a lot of talent and love. He commended organizations MusicGNV and Upbeat GNV for the support they provide for the local music community and expressed hope for continued growth and investment.

For teens interested in learning about music from Marley The Messenger, join us monthly for our Teen Music Maker programs. No experience is needed, and laptops with Ableton music-making software are provided for recording and creation. Headphones are recommended, and limited USBs storage drives are provided free for those wanting to save their work.

View all program dates for Teen Music Maker through our event calendar.

Learn more about Marley The Messenger on his website.

Thanks to community partner MusicGNV for connecting the Alachua County Library District to local artists for this blog series! Read past editions here about Sky Luca$MADWOMANIsrael Jones, Jernie and Purple Kloud.

Photos used with permission by the artist.

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